Instructions to apply your sticker

Various designs compatible with Wahl & Andis Clippers

  1. Clipper surface must be clean and free from oil, waxes, grease and hair
  2. Peel sticker from backing and place on clipper smoothing from centre out. Sticker can be lifted and realigned until correct position is found
  3.  Edges must be sealed firmly to the surface
  4.  It is important to set the sticker in place with heat, a hair dryer is recommended for this on a medium heat, once sticker is warm smooth out sticker this will set the sticker and seal the edges in place to prevent lift.


View website for video clip

Caring for your sticker

Do not use any solvent based cleaners on your sticker as this may affect it. It is recommended for you to carefully keep your blades oiled at all times